Valley Farms


2018 Classes

2019 classes will cover six topics from April 6th through May 11th. Saturday mornings at 8:30.
Each class is 30-45 minutes. Come and enjoy complimentary Montana Maid coffee and cookies and register for a $25.00 gift certificate. The handouts from the 2018 class series are available at Valley Farms.


Secrets of a Successful Garden
  Saturday, April 6th 8:30am
Eco-conscious Gardening
  Saturday, April 13th 8:30am
Garden Myths and Pitfalls
  Saturday, April 20th 8:30am
Tasty and Tasteful Landscapes
  Saturday, April 27th 8:30am
Trees and Shrubs for Small Yards
  Saturday, May 4th 8:30am
Raised Beds and Container Gardening
  Saturday, May 11th 8:30am

Handouts are available for the 2018 classes

Hope to See You There!

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